Aston Martin DB9

6 litre 440 hp V12
6-speed ZF Touchtronic transmission

24000 kms

79500 Eur


Delighted to have this beauty back!
Classic but rare colour combination, great history
Two owners in Sweden and two in Finland
Sold by ourselves to the last careful owner in 2021, reluctant sale due to moving abroad

2/2007 delivered to first (Swedish) owner by Aston Martin Hamburg
2/2007 import inspection and registration in Sweden
5/2007 service, Aston Martin Copenhagen, 3580 km
3/2009 reported as a leasing car
4/2010 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection Göteborg/Gothenburg, 7797 km
6/2010 service, Aston Martin Stockholm, 7846 km
4/2014 change of owner
4/2014 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection Sweden, 8688 km
4/2014 service, Aston Martin Stockholm, 8787 km
4/2014 reported as non-leasing car again
6/2018 service, Aston Martin Stockholm, 9593 km
3/2019 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection Sweden, 9598 km
6/2019 change of owner, imported and registered in Finland
4/2020 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection, 12130 km
6/2020 service, Karaasi Aston Martin Specialists Espoo, 12656 km
4/2021 change of owner
6/2022 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection, 16939 km
9/2022 service, Luxury Collection Automobiles, 19273 km
6/2023 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection, 20636 km
3/2024 change of owner, Harri Asunta
3/2024 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inpection, 23212 km

Chillies Green metallic colour
Parliament Green upper leather trim
Sandstorm lower leather trim and seats
Headlining in Ivory alcantara
Parliament Green carpets
Obsidian Black leather steering wheel
Walnut decorative trim
Warm Charcoal seat belts
High spec alarm system
Heated windscreen
Linn 260W Limbik audio system
Auto dimming mirror with garage door opener
Integrated GSM telephone
Optional 19″ 15-spoke wheels

Located in Finland (EU), 30 mins from Helsinki airport
Please note all viewings are by appointment only

Hieno ja klassinen mutta silti harvinainen väriyhdistelmä.
Täydellinen historia, kaksi omistajaa Ruotsissa ja kaksi Suomessa.

2/2007 rekisteröity ensimmäiselle omistajalle
5/2007 huolto, Aston Martin Copenhagen, 3580 kms
4/2010 katsastus Göteborg, 7797 kms
6/2010 huolto, Aston Martin Stockholm, 7846 kms
4/2014 omistajan vaihdos
4/2014 katsastus, 8688 kms
4/2014 huolto, Aston Martin Stockholm, 8787 kms
4/2014 reported as non-leasing car again
6/2018 huolto, Aston Martin Stockholm, 9593 kms
3/2019 katsastus, 9598 kms
6/2019 omistajan vaihdos, imported and registered in Finland
4/2020 katsastus, 12130 kms
6/2020 huolto, Karaasi Espoo, 12656 kms
4/2021 omistajan vaihdos
6/2022 katsastus, 16939 kms
6/2023 katsastus, 20636 kms
3/2024 omistajan vaihhdos, Harri Asunta
3/2024 katsastus, 23212 km

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