Porsche 911 Carrera 4

3.8 litre X51 powerkit
300 hp
6-speed manual transmission

86500 Eur


Built as press demonstrator, one owner in Germany until 2003 when bought to Finland by the official importer Oy AutoCarrera Ab. Three owners since.

All possible leather and carbon fibre options.
Rare 3.8 litre powerkit.
Complete suspension upgrade at FVD in Germany done in 2018.

2/1997 delivery, 23 km
9/1997 service, Porsche Stuttgart, 19148 km
7/1998 service, Porsche Stuttgart, 41314 km
7/1999 service, Porsche Stuttgart, 56510 km
1/2000 service, P Drux  Porsche Specialists Frankfurt, 65230 km
7/2002 service, Porsche Zentrum Baden-Baden, 101298 km
5/2003 import to Finland, MOT/TÜV technical control
7/2004 service, Porsche Helsinki, 110527 km
10/2005 service, Lindqvist Porsche Specialists, 120016 km
5/2003 MOT/TÜV technical control
8/2006 service, Porsche Helsinki, 110527 km
3/2007 MOT/TÜV technical control
4/2008 MOT/TÜV technical control
5/2008 service, Tepalmet Lappeenranta, 138041 km
9/2009 MOT/TÜV technical control
5/2010 MOT/TÜV technical control
4/2011 MOT/TÜV technical control
4/2012 MOT/TÜV technical control
4/2013 MOT/TÜV technical control, 148143 km
6/2013 service, TMS-huolto Lappeenranta, 148234 km
4/2014 MOT/TÜV technical control, 149566 km
4/2015 MOT/TÜV technical control, 150116 km
5/2015 MOT/TÜV technical control, 152810 km
5/2016 MOT/TÜV technical control,  152810 km
5/2017 MOT/TÜV technical control,  153269 km
5/2018 MOT/TÜV technical control,  154171 km
9/2018 suspension upgrade, FVD Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, 5165.91 Eur, 155580 km
4/2019 MOT/TÜV technical control, 156762 km
6/2020, MOT/TÜV technical control, 157504 km
10/2021 MOT/TÜV technical control, 158556 km
7/2020 service, Porsche Helsinki, 157932 km
6/2023 MOT/TÜV technical control, 158882 km
5/2024 service, Porsche Helsinki, 159502 km
5/2024 MOT/TÜV technical control, 159605 km

Factory specification;
993 130  Carrera 4 Coupé
country code C00 Germany
colour X1 Arctic Silver
interior MB Boxster Red full leather
398 New Cup Design wheels
435 rear wiper
445 coloured wheel centres
454 cruise control
513 lumbar  support right
520 interior alarm monitoring
573 air conditioning
586 lumbar support left
601 Litronic/Xenon lights
602 3rd brake light
659 onboard computer
686 cd-radio CDR-21
982 soft ruffled leather
P14 heated seats
P15 electric front seats
P49 digital sound processing + sound package
X51 powerkit 3.8 – 300 hp
X52 5 cd holder
X54 oval exhaust pipes
X70 stainless steel sill covers with model logo
XE3 auto dimming rear view mirror
XEA phone handset in leather
XEB phone handset Nokia
XF5 leather instrument rings
XJ6 leather steering column
XMA leather roof lining / A+B pillars
XN9 leather sunvisors
XTA carbon door openers with crest
XV3 air con/heating knob in leather
Y25 carbon package
Y67 leather seat controls/switches
220 differential lock
X56 instrument carrier and plate in carbon
X57 carbon door panels
X63 gearshift knob in carbon/leather
X64 handbrake handle in carbon/leather
X77 steering wheel and airbag in carbon/leather
XJ4 leather ignition rosette
XM5 control knobs in leather
XM9 side indicator and windscreen wiper stalks in leather
XMC front gearshift console in carbon
XMD centre console in carbon
XN1 window switches in leather
XN3 airbag steering wheel in carbon and leather
XN4 dash centre air vents in leather
XNA various parts in leather
XP6 front seat belt lock and housing in leather
XP9 speaker covers in leather and soft paint
XR3 front seat hinges covered in leather
XR6 front backrest lock controls in leather
XV1 ventilating covers in leather
XV2 fresh air vents in leather
XV4 heating adjustment switches in leather
XV5 seat adjustment switches in leather
XV6 seat switches in leather
XV7 knob for fuel flap release in leather
XV9 seat belt covers in leather
XW1 rosettes for front seat belts in leather
XW2 rear seat belt locks & housings in leather
XW3 rear wiper switch in leather
XW4 light switch in leather
XW5 knobs for wiper & instrument lights in leather
XW6 rosettes for LED in leather
XW8 door opening sills in leather
XZ4 glove box lock in leather
XZ7 door mirror switches in leather

Located in Finland, 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
All viewings by appointment, very flexibly.