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Ferrari Testarossa

1986 model year
first registered in 1987

Rosso Corsa red / black leather
European specification
Finnish (EU) historic registration

90200 kms





Ferrari’s flagship model, the Testarossa supercar revived a famous name from the Italian company’s past when it arrived in 1984. A ‘next generation’ Berlinetta Boxer, the Testarossa (red head) retained its predecessor’s mid-mounted, 5.0-litre, flat-12 engine, which now boasted a maximum power output raised to 380bhp at 6,300rpm thanks to new four-valve cylinder heads. Despite the power increase, smoothness and driveability were enhanced, the car possessing excellent top gear flexibility allied to a maximum speed of 290 km/h.

European specification. VIN number ZFFAA17B000067117, with F113B European non-catalyst engine version and desirable 16″ center lock ‘monodado’ wheels. Early twin-mirror production.

This example has benefited from regular use and maintenance during the whole time it has resided in Finland – since 1997.

Current owner since 2015 has driven over 32000 kms in nine years, and the car has really benefited from regular use!

Service history includes stamps from well-known independent Ferrari specialists ever since 1997.
Excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically.
Original jack set and wheel removal tool.
Two sets of keys.
Tubistyle exhaust system.
Professional respray 2007 due to faded colour.
Constant improvements during the last ownership from 2015 including leather repairs and removal of US-installed front side indicators which can still be seen on the video clip.

Featured in a cover article by the main Finnish car magazine Tuulilasi in 2004.

– clear title / Carfax report with notes from New York (1987, declared to meet US highway safety regulations) and California (1991, updated title).
– sold back to Europe; Belgium, in the early nineties
– after the owner’s passing away his widow assigned the sale of the Testarossa in 1997 to her trusted BMW dealer Van Avondt bvba in Herent. There it was found by a private Finnish gentleman working in Belgium and looking for a car to take back home when his work period was ending. A cam belt service was performed at the BMW dealer prior to the delivery, after which the service history is documented as follows;

11/1986 delivery and warranty start, Adelmauto S.r.l. in Palermo, Italy
11/1986 import to New York, USA
3/1987 date of first registration
6/1991 California title issued
6/1997 change of owner (Finnish), big service including cam belts at Belgian BMW dealer
12/1998 differential/transaxle oil change, Ferrari Garage Francorchamps, 12718 kms
4/1999 registered in Finland
5/2000 MOT/TÜV technical control, 14000 kms
7/2000 change of owner
1/2001 Catamount Oy -official importer, 14322 kms, cam belt service
5/2001 MOT/TÜV technical control, 16000 kms
4/2002 change of owner
5/2002 MOT/TÜV technical control, 27000 kms
5/2002 Express Service Oy, 27200 kms, cam belt service
6/2003 MOT/TÜV technical control, 38000 kms
4/2004 MOT/TÜV technical control, 42000 kms
7/2005 change of owner
5/2006 MOT/TÜV technical control
11/2006 Team F40 Oy, 49213 kms, cam belt service
4/2007 MOT/TÜV technical control
9/2007 Team F40 Oy, yearly service
4/2008 MOT/TÜV technical control
9/2008 Team F40 Oy, yearly service
6/2009 MOT/TÜV technical control
7/2009 Team F40 Oy, yearly service, new alternator
7/2010 MOT/TÜV technical control
9/2010 Team F40 Oy, 56119 kms, cam belt service
5/2011 MOT/TÜV technical control
9/2011 Team F40 Oy, yearly service
5/2012 MOT/TÜV technical control,
9/2012 Team F40 Oy, yearly service
5/2013 MOT/TÜV technical control, 57095 kms
9/2013 Team F40 Oy, yearly service
5/2014 MOT/TÜV technical control, 57516 kms
10/2014 cam belt service, Team F40 Oy, 57914 kms
3/2015 change of owner, current owner
3/2015 MOT/TÜV technical control, 57883 kms
3/2016 MOT/TÜV technical control, 61885 kms
9/2016 Autokorjaamo Kariste, yearly service
4/2017 MOT/TÜV technical control, 65185 kms
6/2017 Autokorjaamo Kariste, yearly service
4/2018 MOT/TÜV technical control, 68157 kms
6/2018 registration on historic plates, 69179 kms -MOT required after every four years
3/2019 THA Car Service Ferrari specialists, big service with cam belts, 74202 kms
8/2020 MOT/TÜV technical control, 79539 kms
8/2021 THA Car Service Ferrari specialists, service, 81498 kms
7/2022 service, new Michelin tyres, both fuel pumps, air filter, spark plugs, 5886.28 Eur, Sportwagen Spezialisten Frankfurt, 87190 kms
4/2024 MOT/TÜV technical control, 90161 km

Independent report by Classic Data in 2016 available – classification 2 and valuation 127500 Eur
– condition has improved since

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