Range Rover Classic “Suffix A” 1971

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Range Rover Classic “Suffix A” 1971

February 2019
Final details

October  2018
Nearly there.
Located a set of new old stock front floor mats in Finland – date of production April 1971 fits perfectly…IMG_4291IMG_4289

April 2018
main panels had to be resprayed again for good result – two layers of varnish on top
DSC02233 DSC02234 DSC02235 DSC02237 DSC02238 DSC02241 DSC02243

March 2018
The restoration of #614A is proceeding very rapidly now.
front mudflaps were officially available as a dealer-fit option since October 1972, but always a legal requirement in some countries like Finland
DSC02100 DSC02101 DSC02102 DSC02103 DSC02104 DSC02105 DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02109 DSC02110

March 2018:
DSC02081 DSC02080 DSC02072 DSC02073 DSC02064

the body panel here is dusty, they were painted already in 2016.
DSC01896 DSC01897 DSC01898 DSC01899 DSC01900 DSC01901 DSC01902 DSC01904 DSC01905 DSC01906 DSC01908 DSC01911 DSC01912 DSC01913 DSC01914 DSC01915 DSC01916 DSC01917 DSC01918 DSC01919 DSC01920 DSC01921 DSC01922 DSC01923 DSC01925 DSC01926 DSC01927 DSC01928 DSC01929 DSC01931 DSC01932 DSC01933 DSC01934 DSC01935 DSC01936

The already well performing engine has got new bearings, piston rings, timing gear, camshafts, lifters, oil pump etc. Carburetters were rebuilt, new clutch assembly fitted, radiator re-cored and the list goes on.

February 2018:
DSC00325 DSC00327 DSC00328
DSC01426 DSC01425 DSC01153 DSC01152DSC01799 DSC01800 DSC01801 DSC01803

The chassis was sandblasted and box sections waxoyled before respray. All suspension, brake and drive train components were restored preserving as much originality as possible and using correct type new parts where needed:DSC01431 DSC01429 DSC01428 DSC01427DSC01445 DSC01444 DSC01443 DSC01442

Engine, transmission as well as the front and rear axles are all numbered.
Knowing all of the previous owners it can be said for certain that they are the original components.
The factory didn’t keep records of the engine numbers fitted but engine no 3833 fits perfectly with the total of than 3000+ RHD cars built by end of 1971 and our LHD chassis number 614
DSC01440 DSC01439 DSC01437 DSC01436

Always well kept, still with original moulded floor mats and near perfect rear seat in Palomino PVC – the only available interior for the first years of production.


The front seats were covered in vinyl in the 90’s – not a bad attempt but now redone in correct shape and colour:IMG_4943 IMG_4944 IMG_4945

original chassis plate and restored instrument pinnacle
new spare keys, including the one for extreme emergency situations…

Classic Folio in leather, for the documentsDSC01991

original service bookpassportserv-1

Tekniikan Maailma magazine from 1972 with comparison road test against Ford Bronco, Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wagoneer and GAZ 69M(!) The Masai Red Range Rover came on top with most criteria, no winner announced.

As found:IMG_2550 IMG_2549 IMG_2545 IMG_2539IMG_2537IMG_2531 IMG_2529 IMG_2530 IMG_2526 IMG_2527

completion October 2018. yes, finally.
history and more information


  1. Nathan

    I am so glad I found this!!!
    I am currently restoring a 1974 2 door.
    I have a few questions.
    The major one is where did you get the trim for the interior I cant seem to find anyone stocking it in palermino??

    • Harri Asunta

      Dear Nathan. Your best contact for parts and interior vinyl in Palomino is Famous Four in the UK. 1974 is somewhat easier to make correct than a 1971 Suffix A. Kind regards, Harri

  2. Rezaur Rahman

    Love to visit the web pages for its lucrative look and well organized information

    • Harri Asunta

      Thank you kindly


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