Rare vintage, mostly Sony Betamax video recorders, tapes and accessories
PAL, SECAM, NTSC and multisystem units



JVC HR-S6600

Super VHS with original remote
near mint
and you read right -it’s year 2000 compliant!
350 Eur


Sony SLV-E90

very good condition, with remote
Pal/Secam/Ntsc playback
flying erase head
390 Eur


Sony SL-T30ME

Betamax multi-system Pal/Secam/Ntsc
very good condition, some scratches
450 Eur

Sony SL-C9E

Betamax stereo audio
Top of the line
Near mint, boxed with original remote and manual
750 Eur

Sony SL700ME MkII
Super Betamax Multisystem
Mint and boxed
950 Eur

Sony BMC-500PK Betamovie

extremely rare last Betamovie for European market, only Pal model with CCD technology
all boxes, papers and accessories
totally mint unused but tested for operation, with new battery from MrBetamax.com
some colour disturbance, typical problem due to age, some capacitors have to be changed


Sony BE-V50

Betamax rewind/ff/erase unit
very good condition
250 Eur


All the above are located in Porvoo Finland
Worldwide shipping
Please don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures and information!