Vintage car audio units, many very rare, prices are based on tested and fully functioning condition


Alpine Cassette Changer 7375E, with short chassis head unit

– NOS new old stock unused extremely rare, 1980’s
– all cables, multi-lingual instructions, cleaning tape, missing original packaging
– works with 6-cc magazines, two included in a carrying case
– Dolby B,C and DBX noise reduction
– according to some online information less than 50 units were made for the US market, unknown about rest of world. production was discontinued almost as soon as it started when Sony introduced the first cd changer
4200 Eur


Nakamichi TD-500 radio cassette

– very rare
– used good condition
– Dolby B&C noise reduction, azimuth fine tuning
– absolute high end car audio of the 80’s / 90’s
500 Eur


Aiwa CT-Z5500 Mk2 radio cassette

– very rare
– used very good condition, only installed once
– folding “black panel” system
– Dolby B&C noise reduction, graphic equalizer, aux input in front panel
590 Eur


Alpine 7148L radio cassette

– very good condition
– stylish early 80’s rotary knob unit
– Dolby B noise reduction
390 Eur


Becker Europa radio

– 1960’s
– with custom wood console
– last fitted under a Rover P5 dashboard
350 Eur


Voxson Junior FM radio

– very nice condition, scratch in front visible in picture
– narrow chassis, installation width 9 cm, depth 13 cm, frame dimensions 10.6 x 4.6 cm
200 Eur


Volvo AM/FM Radio

– very nice condition
150 Eur


Nakamichi PA-200 power amplifier

– two channel
– 2 x 30w
175 Eur


Alpine 3312 graphic equalizer

300 Eur


Panasonic CY-EM100U expansion module

– NOS new old stock unused
– box, cables and manuals
– for connecting accessories like iPod/iPhone to various Panasonic head units
180 Eur

all units located in Finland, worldwide shipping