Morris Mini Cooper S


As well as on gravel and snow, most of the famous “Flying Finn” rally drivers did very well on race tracks too, including Timo Mäkinen.

For the 1968 season the importer of Morris, Oy Voimavaunu Ab built a Mini Cooper S for him. It was totally manufactured using parts from the factory including a body shell. This was largely because Mr Mäkinen wanted his racing cars right hand drive, due to the other Minis he was used to driving on rally stages and also to the main Finnish race tracks driven clockwise, taking weight distribution in consideration. And also because as a racing car it wouldn’t be necessary to register the car at all which was not doable for RHD.

Finnish track championships for 1968 and 1969 were won by Timo Mäkinen with this Mini in the under 1300cc class.
Successfully raced even until 1989 by other drivers and owners.

The Mini was found in western Finland in 2005 by Robert Paulig, an important entrepreneur and car colllector who sadly passed away too early in 2020. He commisioned Mr T Lindberg to restore it to 1969 specification, not a simple task with some mods done on it since. The restoration included manufacturing new aluminium panels for doors and lids, as well as plastic side windows. Also the correct Weber carburetters were sourced and fitted. Please contact for more details.

The restoration was completed in 2006, and Timo Mäkinen was shortly invited try it out on the Ahvenisto race track. Happiness of both Mr Mäkinen and Mr Paulig is surely proven with these pictures!

Known competition history;

Timo Mäkinen:
Helsingin Vauhtikisat 12.5.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 26.5.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 7.6.
Keimolanajo 9.6.

Helsingin Vauhtikisat 11.5.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 18.5.
Juhannusajot 22.6.

Olav Westman:
Sadan Auton Ajot 26.4.
Hämeenlinna 300 1.-3. 4.
Helsingin Vauhtikisat 10.5.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 13.-14.6.
Juhannusajot 21.6.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 29.-30.8.
Nordic Cup 27.9.

Algot Kettunen:
Sadan Auton Ajot 25.4.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 1.-2.-5.
Helsingin Vauhtikisat 9.5.
Juhannusajot 20.6.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 15.8.

Sadan Auton Ajot 22.-23.4.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 7.5.
Helsingin Vauhtikisat 13.-14.5.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 27.-28.5.
Juhannusajot 18.6.
Hämeenlinnan Ajot 2.-3.9.

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