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Range Rover
1975 ‘Suffix D’
Bahama Gold / Ambla
3.5 litre manual

now sold to a valued customer in California

“The Lapland Rangie” – as featured in Feb 2014 Classic Driver Newsletter.

Restored in 2014 by our team, preserving as much originality as possible. Customer requests included genuine Range Rover power steering system, programmable 123 electronic ignition, two-tone leather interior and full set of weaved carpets and over mats in tan, with leather edging. Several other leather enhancements; steering wheel, gearstick and handbrake. Later type front seats with integrated retracting seat belts and headrests with detachable cushions. The interior modifications can be restored back to original, but the upgrades make this early Range Rover an excellent daily driver with a bit of luxury.

Found early 2014 in Lapland as a well preserved example with original manuals, service book and known ownership history. Road salt is not used in Northern Finland, due to colder conditions.
BMIHT certificate from Land Rover archives, original manuals and service book and tools. Leather bound Classic Folio.

Located 30 mins from Helsinki airport, we will collect from arrivals and you can make the trip in one day from most major European airports. Worldwide shipping. Please note all viewings are by appointment only.