Teal Blue / Autumn Leaf tan interior

25000 Eur

Unfinished project, comes with nearly everything.
Resprayed body and chassis, rebuilt matching numbers engine, new interior waiting to be installed.

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate confirms build date 20-31 August 1973 and delivery to first owner by the Westover Garage in Bournemouth UK 14th September 1973.

Bought to Finland from Belgium, but never registered out of the United Kingdom, where it has had only three registered keepers, first briefly in 1973, second one 1973-1978 and the third from 1978 on.
Two subsequent owners in Finland, making the total six.

The V8 version of the MGB GT was only delivered to customers in right hand drive and 2591 units were produced. Seven LHD cars were made but none are known to survive.
Production was between 1973-1976 and the later cars were equipped with the less desirable rubber bumpers.

Located in Finland (EU), 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
Please note all viewings are by appointment only.