Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG
white/black leather interior

140500 km

39800 Eur


A very nice and desirable CLK 63 AMG, one of the last ‘dinosaurs’ with the normally aspirated 6.3 litre AMG V8.
Prices are increasing all over the world.

Delivered and mostly used in Japan. The usual drawbacks of japanese cars are lack of history and radio that is not useable elsewhere. Not in this case; the radio/comand unit has been changed to European version, and most importantly there is a service book with yearly stamps until 116991 km from Japan!
Second ever car that has been offered by myself with a japanese service book, so I already knew how to convert the japanese Heisei years to western years…

19/2/2007 date of first registration in Japan
3/2007 service
7/2008 service, 29931 km
8/2009 service, 47605 km
2/2011 service, 77730 km
12/2011 service, 97718 km
1/2013 service, 116991 km
11/2017 import to Finland
3/2018 import technical inspection, 129867 km
7/2018 oil and filter change, gearbox oil change
8/2018 registration to Finland
3/2019 MOT/TÜV technical control, 132915 km
4/2020 oil and filter change
4/2020 MOT/TÜV technical control, 134097 km
4/2021 MOT/TÜV technical control, 138707 km
6/2022 MOT/TÜV technical control, 139453 km
8/2023 MOT/TÜV technical control, 140104 km

Located in Finland, 30 mins from Helsinki airport
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