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Range Rover Vogue LSE
4.2 litre V8
1993 model year
first registered 12/1993
285 000 kms

Plymouth Blue metallic
Saddle Brown Connolly leather interior


Like with most iconic cars with a long life span it’s the first and the last of the line that become the most sought after – only think air-cooled 911 and E-type. The same is so true with the original Range Rover, introduced in 1970 with the very last cars produced in early 1996.

The Vogue LSE (Europe) and County LWB (US) with 20 cm / 8″ extended wheelbase were the ultimate luxury incarnations of the classic Range Rover. Only available with the 4.2 litre V8 engine and automatic transmission, the list of standard equipment included adjustable air suspension, leather seats with full electric controls and seat heating, burr walnut veneer, heated windscreen, cruise control, electrically dimming rear view mirror with map lights, air conditioning, glass tilt slide sunroof and premium audio with subwoofer. Electric windows and mirrors as well as central locking had already become standard a few years earlier, among with many other improvements taking the Range Rover several decades forward from the original simplistic design introduced in 1970.

Bought from the Netherlands in 2005 by the previous Land Rover enthusiast owner, this beautiful LSE is has the rare Saddle Brown leather interior and Mediterranean Poplar wood veneer which were only available in the 1993 model year.

12/1992 build date
09/1993 delivered to first owner Top Lease, Breda NL, registration GZ-JP-70 NL
by dealer BV Utrechts Autobedrijf U.A.B., Nieuwegein NL
10/1993 first service, 5024 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
12/1993 small service, 15579 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
03/1994 big service, 26935 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
05/1994 big service, 40695 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
07/1994 small service, 51200 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
10/1994 big service, 64960 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
01/1995 big service with all liquids, 79311 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
04/1995 small service, 95762 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
11/1995 small service, 128834 kms, BV Utrechts Autobedrijf
01/1999 service, 178237 kms, Kimman Haarlem BV, Haarlem NL
11/2002 owner JA van Asperen, Oosterwolde NL
02/2003 replace drive shafts, 220000 kms
02/2003 replace rear tailgate, Dakar Cars Westerbork NL, 221056 kms
05/2003 big service, 222800 kms
09/2003 replace starter motor, 229500 kms
01/2004 replace battery
03/2004 replace rear shock absorbers
04/2004 oil and air filters, Mr van Asperen
06/2004 replace water pump and rear brake pads, 238200 kms
07/2004 wheel alignment, Friese Banden Service, Leeuwarden NL, 238900 kms
08/2004 spare parts; throttle potentiometer, coolant level sensor, coolant temp sensor, Wessex Land Rover UK
01/2005 spare parts, Mr van Asperen
05/2005 bought from Ter Horst, De Krim NL
06/2005 imported to Finland
10/2005 service, 242735 kms, Well-Service Lohja FI
08/2006 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
05/2007 service, 249234 kms, Well-Service Lohja FI
08/2007 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
10/2008 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
02/2009 service, change transmission oil, Well-Service Lohja FI, 255637 kms
07/2011 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
10/2011 service, 259972 kms, Well-Service Lohja FI
09/2012 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
09/2016 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 261817 kms
06/2017 service, 261000 kms, Well-Service Lohja FI
05/2018 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 262508 kms
07/2018 air conditioning service, Helsingin AutoExtra, Helsinki FI
10/2018 replace catalytic converters, lambda sensors, centre silencer, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs and leads, MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Off-Road Center Lohja FI, 266215 kms
10/2018 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 266252 kms
02/2019 comprehensive rustproofing /waxoyl treatment
02/2019 replace water pump, alternator, Karaasi Espoo FI
04/2019 replace air suspension pressure sensor, various repairs, 1618 Eur (includes the water pump and alternator in 4/19) Karaasi Espoo FI, 268350 kms
09/2019 change of owner
10/2019 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 271195 kms
06/2020 change of owner, present owner
11/2020 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 280114 kms
11/2020 service, motor oil and filter, spark plugs, air and fuel filter, lambda sensors, Mekonomen Pietarsaari/Jakobstad, 281303 kms

The previous owner (2005-2018) completely overhauled the air suspension, body rust was removed, fitted new headlining and sunroof electric motor, air conditioning conversion to R134 and fitted new heater matrix. The leather interior has been refurbished and redyed, and wood veneer replaced. The car has been serviced regularly since it was imported to Finland.

Fitted with an interesting Brabantia safe box in rear of centre console, removed and opened with a key.
Alpine coaxial front speakers, original rear ones and upgraded 8″ low range speaker discreetly installed in original subwoofer box with separate amplifier.
JVC mechless head unit with Bluetooth, USB/Iphone and Android integration, 3″ screen connected to Alpine reversing camera.

Transport to most of Europe 600-1000 Eur.
Worldwide shipping, always for best available rates.

Located in Finland (EU) 30 mins from Helsinki airport
Please note all viewings are by appointment only