Range Rover
first registered 11/1985

3.5 litre V8 twin carburetter
5-speed manual transmission
Chamonix White / Bronze cloth interior

144000 kms



By 1986 the Range Rover Vogue had evolved into a luxury vehicle, equipped with alloy wheels, walnut door cappings, loadspace carpeting, electric windows, central locking, head restraints and side and middle handrests in rear seats
It was the last year when the four door models were equipped with twin carburetters instead of the later fuel injection. Various suspension improvements were introduced.
Manual transmission was already upgraded to five speeds for MY 1984 and for 1986 it was improved with “short stick” gear change.

Extremely original, well documented and well kept example with fascinating history.
According to British Motor Museum archives the car was destined for the Norwegian Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria, but ended up in Dubai UAE – probably due to the very unstable political situation in Nigeria at the time – and was sold to a Norwegian ocean liner captain there very early in it’s life.
He moved to Finland in 1990, imported the car with him and kept it until 2013. Three owners since, four in total.
Never needed full restoration, in original beautifully preserved state. Factory air conditioning working well.
Soon to be registered on historic plates (museorekisteröinti).

11/1985 date of first registration in Dubai
07/1990 import registration to Finland by owner Mr J Ostnes
01/1993 replace thermostat, various repairs, install block and interior heater, 5786.80 FIM (=ca.1000 Eur) Autorep Helsinki
12/1993 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Tammisaari FI
05/1994 replace fuel tank&sender, fuel pump, temperature sensors, rust protection, polish, Hangö Bil &Båthus, 25160 kms
10/1994 40000 km service, various repairs, Autorep Helsinki
12/1994 various repairs, Autorep Helsinki
05/1995 various repairs, service, all brake pads, track rod end, suspension bushes, 4833.90 FIM, Autorep Helsinki
06/1995 replace windscreen washer motor, Autorep Helsinki
10/1995 emission control, winter service; oil&filter, check all liquids, new Michelin tyres, various suspension components, all belts, Autorep Helsinki, 52700 kms
11/1995 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Helsinki, 53000 kms
05/1996 new rear bumper with end caps, 60000 km service, Off Road Center Helsinki
08/1996 new radiator and hoses, Off Road Center Helsinki
10/1996 replace shock absorbers, oil&filter, Off Road Center Helsinki
10/1996 emission control, Brittiosa Helsinki
10/1996 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Helsinki, 69000 kms
12/1996 repair brake fluid leak, Veljekset Laakkonen Espoo, 71850 kms
10/1997 new h4 headlamps, big service with engine, transmission and final drive oils, Off Road Center Helsinki
10/1997 emission tuning for MOT, Off Road Center Helsinki
05/1997 rebuild power steering, replace indicator switch, Off Road Center Helsinki
10/1997 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Helsinki, 85000 kms
06/1998 partial engine rebuild, oil&filter, Off Road Center Helsinki
12/1998 replace water pump, spark plugs, oil&filter, Off Road Center Helsinki
04/1999 replace windscreen washer motor, track rod ends, oil&filter, Off Road Center Helsinki
04/2000 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Tammisaari, 106000 kms
04/2000 replace speedometer and cable (set to zero), courtesy light, Off Road Center Lohja, 0 kms
11/2000 replace indicator switch, various, Hangö Bil &Båthus
11/2000 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko
10/2001 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 5000 kms
07/2002 replace bonnet cable, Hangö Bil &Båthus
07/2002 various repairs and respray of panels, 2150 Eur, Hangö Bil &Båthus
07/2002 respray cost to paint shop 1345.40 Eur
12/2002 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 10000 kms
12/2003 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 15000 kms
04/2004 replace starter motor, Hangö Bil &Båthus
04/2004 remove old alarm +other electric installations, replace with Defa 821 with central locking and new antenna, Hangö Bil &Båthus
06/2004 oil&filter, new battery, Hangö Bil &Båthus, 17900 kms
09/2004 replace all shock absorbers, steering components, fuel tank, Hangö Bil &Båthus
09/2004 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 20000 kms
11/2004 various repairs and installations, 2028 Eur, Hangö Bil &Båthus
10/2005 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko
09/2006 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 21000 kms
09/2007 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 22000 kms
09/2008 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 23000 kms
11/2009 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 25000 kms
11/2010 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Tammisaari, 27000 kms
11/2011 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 28000 kms
06/2012 replace spark plugs, oil&filter, Hangö Bil &Båthus
11/2012 replace spark plugs, oil&filter, Hangö Bil &Båthus
11/2012 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 32000 kms
04/2013 ownership change Mr S Kallström Hanko
09/2013 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 33000 kms
11/2014 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 35807 kms
09/2015 new Remy front brake calipers, RockAuto USA
10/2015 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 36078 kms
05/2016 ownership change Mr J Matikainen
03/2021 service: oil & filter, spark plugs, battery, check all fluid levels, 36730 kms
03/2021 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, Hanko, 36742 kms
09/2021 ownership change, Harri Asunta Oy Ltd
10/2021 install reconditioned wheels with new Goodyear tyres and new wheel nuts – shown in one of the pictures
10/2021 new headlining

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