Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos
original box and brochures

5900 Eur


An Atmos clock with excellent condition and exquisite provenance.
Given in 1964 as a trophy to the 3rd placed team at the Jyväskylän Suurajot Rally – later called the 1000 Lakes Rally of Finland.
The team’s driver was Rauno Aaltonen, one of the most legendary Finnish rally drivers of all time.
We have spoken with Mr Aaltonen about the clock recently, more information by request.

Original box with the engraved trophy plate.
Two original brochures, one in English and one in German.
Funny detail; the English brochure suggests this “perpetual motion” time piece – if stored and cared for right – might need service every 300 years, whereas the German version suggests 600 years!
Although the manufacturer might not give such warranties nowadays the clock is working great and with experience of several of these I believe in most of that claim. 99% of defects are due to misuse or freight damage, these are very fragile instruments and they should stay put.

Serial number dates the clock approximately 1962 production.

Located in Porvoo, Finland.
Transport to be agreed, I prefer not to send by any ordinary courier due to the fragility.