Porsche 968 Coupé
199000 kms

3.0 litre 4-cylinder engine, 240 hp
Variocam variable camshaft timing
6-speed manual transmission

Midnight Blue metallic
two-tone grey partial leather

23900 Eur


Fully documented history including service book and invoices from new. All original documentation including full set of brochures and period magazines. Sold new in Sweden and imported by second owner to Finland in 2003, who kept the car until 2008.

Desirable colour combination and specification including manual 6-speed transmission and differential lock.
Fitted with 18″ “Cup 2” wheels.
Great condition due to regular maintenance and warm garage. The air conditioning has been disconnected for a few years and needs attention.

L37W Midnight Blue (Nachtblau) Metallic
TU Light Grey/Classic Grey, partial leather
C09 specification for Sweden
139 seat heating, left
220 limited slip differential with 40% lock
340 seat heating, right
383 sport seat with partial electric adjust, left
387 sport seat with partial electric adjust, right
403 17″ 964 Cup-look wheels
567 top tinted windscreen
573 air conditioning
650 detatchable roof panel, electric

8/1992 delivered to first owner Mr Juvonen by City Car Trading AB, Göteborg, registered PSC532
9/1992 first service, Bilforum Göteborg Porsche, 3690 kms
10/1994 service, Bilforum Göteborg Porsche, 20000 kms
8/1997 service, Bilforum Göteborg Porsche, 40895 kms
5/1999 A/C system refill, Expertkyl AB, Gothenburg SE
6/1999 service incl.cam belts, 57617 kms, Sanden Bilteknik SE
5/2001 A/C system refill, Expertkyl AB, Gothenburg SE
6/2001 new thermostat and cam belt check, Sanden Bilteknik SE
2/2002 new windscreen, Sten Glasmästeri AB, Gothenburg SE
5/2002 A/C system repairs and refill, Sanden Bilteknik SE
5/2003 MOT/TÜV inspection (last one in Sweden), 81829 kms
9/2003 change of owner, Mr Oksanen, Lahti Finland
9/2003 first registration and MOT in Finland, AZZ-958
9/2003 cam belts, spark plugs, oil&filter service, brake pads, AutoCarrera Porsche Helsinki
9/2003 new tyres 2x 225/40ZR18, 2x 265/35ZR18, Continental
4/2004 MOT/TÜV inspection, 86000 kms
4/2004 cam belts check, 86246 kms, AutoCarrera Porsche Helsinki
6/2004 new rear light, Porsche Zentrum Essen
7/2004 A/C refill R134, Autohuolto Järvinen Hollola
12/2004 oil and filter change, 91925 kms, Vianor Lahti
12/2004 new winter tyres 16″
2/2005 two new brake discs, Kaha Vantaa
7/2005 MOT/TÜV inspection, 95000 kms
3/2006 oil and filter change, 97750 kms, Vianor Lahti
7/2006 MOT/TÜV inspection, 99000 kms
4/2007, oil and filter change, 103819 kms, Autohuolto Järvinen Hollola
4/2007 MOT/TÜV inspection, 104000 kms
7/2007 clutch hydraulics repair, 106000 kms Renkomäen Autoexpert Lahti
7/2007 A/C refill R134, HC-Systems Lahti
9/2007 new windscreen wipers, Autoasi Lahti5/2008 cam belts, oil filter, AutoCarrera Porsche Center Helsinki
6/2008 cam belt service, oil change, Bosch Renkomäen Autoexpert Lahti, 110799 kms
6/2008 new Yokohama ZR18 tyres
8/2008 change of owner
4/2009 oil and filter change, new front brakes, Bosch Renkomäen Autoexpert Lahti
9/2009 change of owner
8/2011 MOT /TÜV inspection, 141000 kms
9/2011 oil and filter change, 142490 kms, Kärkkäinen Lahti
7/2012 change of owner
7/2012 9xx-parts FI, new distributor cap and rotor, new clutch disc and set of cam belts and rollers, new spark plugs, air- , oil- and fuel filters, new fan belt, new water pump + various
7/2012 MOT/TÜV inspection, 144000 kms
7/2012 oil and filter change, 151238 kms
8/2012 Promax Motorsport UK, new ignition coil
5/2013 MOT/TÜV inspection, 160824 kms
9/2013 oil and filter change, 167867 kms
4/2014 set of used camshafts, Ebay
6/2014 camshafts change, cam belts, plugs, distributor cover and rotor, oils & filters, 173470 kms
7/2014 MOT/TÜV inspection, 175078 kms
8/2014 oil change, 179483 kms
3/2015 oil and filter change + gearbox and differential oil, 183073 kms
5/2015 2x Kumho 225/45ZR 17 tyres and installation, Euromaster Kangasala
7/2015 oil change, new front control arms and bushes, 192700 kms
7/2015 MOT/TÜV inspection, 192725 kms
9/2016 MOT /TÜV inspection, 195532 kms
6/2017 2 x 225/45/18 front tyres, Euromaster Heinola
7/2017 MOT /TÜV inspection, 196722 kms
9/2017 oil and filter change, 197110 kms
7/2018 oil and filter change, 197900 kms
9/2018 MOT /TÜV inspection, 198472 kms
5/2020 oil and filter change, renew brake fluid and coolant, 199209 kms
5/2020 MOT /TÜV inspection, 199267 kms

Located in Finland (EU), 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
Worldwide shipping.

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