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Mercedes-Benz E430 Estate
4.26 litre V8, 279 hp
107300 kms

11900 Eur
registered in Finland
EU VAT paid

Imported from Japan in 2018.
Excellent condition, totally corrosion-free. New Xenon headlights for right side traffic, japanese Comand system replaced with Alpine 2-din unit. New battery and alternator, 19″ wheels and tyres.

Factory specification;
FS Combi vehicle
GA automatic transmission
L left-hand steering
M113 V8-gasoline engine M113
M43 capacity 4.3 litre
210A Leather
211A Leather Anthracite
213 parameter steering
221B sign coolant/refueling -english
236B without customer service-station index
242 front seat RH electric adjustable with memory
249 inside and outside mirror automatic dimming
275 memory package (driver seat, strg col., mirror)
289 wood/leather steering wheel
293 sidebag in rear left and right
352 Comand
414 electric tilt/slide sunroof in glass
423 5-speed automatic transmission
480 self-levelling suspension
498 Japan version
500 Outside rear view mirror LH and RH folding
524 paintwork preservation
543 sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right
581 automatic climate control
584 electric window regulator
600 headlamps – cleaning equipment
611 exit lights for driver door
617 xenon headlamps, left hand traffic
668 packaging for shipping vehicles with tie-down hook
673 high capacity battery
677 tropical battery
679 basic wheel as spare wheel
680 L.A.wheel, 5-hole design, Avantgarde
693 all-round wd-blue glass, band filter, rear window-ES
761 radio rc x.reduced range w/o panic (315 mhz)
802 change of model year -2002
810 sound system
819 cd changer
839L Japan
860 tv tuner
873 seat heater front left and right
875 heated screen wash
876 interior light assembly
910 higher capacity alternator
954 Avantgarde package
960U Alabaster white
987 battery isolation switch for shipping

Located in Helsinki.
All viewings by appointment.

Freight to other European countries 500-1500 Eur depending on location.
Worldwide delivery.