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Lada 1200
VAZ 2101

documented 30000 kms
Finnish (EU) historic registration

11900 Eur

The story of this car begins in Autumn of 1976, when Dmitri makes a bet in Tallinn with his friend – after a considerable amount of vodka – about if he can just go to the factory in Togliatti and buy a new Lada (Zhiguli). This was usually not possible, and the waiting time for a new Lada was several years.

Both Dmitri and his friend were lorry drivers. Dmitri accepted the bet and the journey started…
The new Lada 1200 cost 5635 rubles, and some more was probably needed as gifts to the right people to make the deal happen.
In Togliatti it took a whole week before the car was delivered and some more vodka was consumed, a week of which Dmitri doesn’t remember much. On the way back they made a stop in Belarus. The windscreen wipers were stolen, but otherwise the rest of the journey back home went well.

Dmitri owned the car until 2014 when it was passed on to the second owner who carried out the meticulous restoration preserving as much originality as possible. He sold the car the current enthusiastic owner in 2018.

Complete documented history, single ownership from new 1976 until 2014.

Restored using only original new old stock parts in 2014-2015, making it possibly the best Lada in the world!

Finnish (EU) historic registration (museorekisterissä). Located in Finland 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
Worldwide shipping and low cost transports in Europe.

Please note all viewings are by appointment only.