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Citroën SM Carburateur 1971

Bleu Platiné – blue metallic
Noir – black leather interior

2.7 litre V6 by Maserati
manual transmission
sold new in France

price 43900 Eur

Citroën purchased Maserati in 1968 with the intention of harnessing Maserati’s high-performance engine technology to produce a true “Grand Tourisme”, combining the sophisticated Citroën suspension with a Maserati V6.
The result was the Citroën SM, first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970.

The hydropneumatic suspension combined with Maserati V6 performance as well as the other innovations of the SM are a combination not to be compared with any other motor car, it’s simply from another world. The best car par none on some of our Finnish less than perfect motorway surfaces.
On the winding roads you feel the car leaning over a bit, but after that not at all – the limits are for someone else to find…

Desirable specs; European specification carburetted engine with manual 5-speed transmission.
Three owners since 1980, unregistered and unused from 1983 to 2011. Original ‘Carte Grise’ registration document from 1983.

Imported to Finland in 2009 by the present owner – active member of Citroën Club Finlande.
Comprehensive mechanical overhaul 2009-2015.
The works done include;
– valves
– timing chains, guides and upgraded tensioner
– piston rings
– bearings
– oil pump axle
– seals and gaskets
– thermostat
– carburetters rebuilt and adjusted
– gearbox found to be in excellent condition
– new clutch plate
– new petrol pump
– hydraulic system spheres reconditioned
– brake pressure accumulator rebuilt
– new seals
– brake valve seals replaced
– window lift motors rebuilt with new brass gears instead of original fragile nylon
– upgraded relay system
– new lock barrels
– brakerless ignition
– new Quicksilver stainless exhaust system
And many more. All repairs were done with improved parts where possible with the knowledge of the weak spots of original SM design.

Comes with two sets of rims and hubcaps; the “full moon” type in many of the pictures as well as this original design;

Highly original car, showing the age in exterior and interior.

Located in Finland. Worldwide shipping.

Please note all viewings are by appointment only.