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The Holy Grail of “retro” car audio head units – Becker Mexico 7942
New In Box

2600 Eur


Speech-Dialogue-System in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, US-English and Portuguese
Hands-free communication via Bluetooth® wireless technology
Voice selection of stored phone numbers
Exchange of address- and telephone directories between the mobile phone and the Cascade 7944
200 given voice commands plus 50 programmable commands
OLED-Vario-Colour-Display (13 colour settings)
Night design
Quick route calculation by accessing CF card, 167 MHz processor, 32 Bit RISC architecture
Address book with 500 personal entries
MP3 playback from CF cards, MMC, Microdrives or SD-Card
Becker Surround Sound System
Display of „Speed limits” on European highways
Junction View (refined turning description on highways)
Navigation in 39 European countries (needs update software)
Navigation announcements in 14 languages (CZ, D, DK, E, F, GB, I, NL, P, PL, S, TR, US, Vlaams)
Dynamic route guidance with TMC 1
Voice announcements of traffic messages in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, US-English and Portuguese (Text-to-Speech)
2-RDS Frequency Diversity Tuner
Dynamic Autostore FM
Included: GPS antenna, microphone, CF card for 39 European countries
iPod® connection with Becker Remote-Kit (optional). Music playback functions (Play-list, interpret, albums, genre)


Destination input: Alphabet and selection list, entry/selection using right-hand dial, enter destination using Spoken Dialogue Systems, entry of postal code, street address and intersection, more than 3 890 852 special destinations (airports, hospitals, service stations, stations, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, museums, car parks, leisure parks, castles, etc.)
Destination memory: 500 destinations from the address book plus the last 50 destinations
TMC: Active dynamic route guidance (traffic information is included in route calculation), all traffic delays reported in the selected reception zone are displayed, automatic TMC 1 transmitter selection
Traffic jam function: Blocks route section immediately before traffic hotspot
Via key: Entry of an interim destination
Info key: Continuously updated announcements of arrival time, destination address, address of the selected intermediate destination, time, remaining journey time, average speed, distance driven
Route calculation modes: Dynamic/shortest/fastest route; “Avoid” option for motorways, toll routes, ferries
Route calculation: Selection between sports car, car, van or blank
Route guidance: Announcement in natural voice (male/female, country-specific), language selection (CZ, D, DK, E, Flemish, F, GB, I, NL, P, PL, S, TR, US)
Display: Turn-offs with side roads, numerical display and decreasing bars up to turn-off point, current road, turn-off road, estimated time of arrival, current position, remaining journey time, remaining distance and time
Database: NAVTEQ (regular updates from the NAVTEQ software service) Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy , Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain , Sweden, Switzerland , United Kingdom
Speed Limit: Display of speed limits on motorways


2-RDS-Tuner Frequency Diversity
Frequency bands FM, AM, SW (49m)
D.A.S. (Dynamic Auto Store – FM), display of all available RDS stations
Memory 20 manual plus 40 for D.A.S.
Station search (automatic/manual)
Scan search (stations are previewed for 10 seconds)
PTY (station selection according to type of programming, e.g. rock, pop, classic, news, etc.)
FM Input sensitivity < 2 µV / 50 ohm
Frequency range FM 30 Hz….15 kHz, AM 50 Hz….3 kHz
Search frequency bands FM/AM/SW 100/9/5 (kHz)

Ttraffic Radio

TP Traffic Programme (manual and automatic station selection)
EON Enhanced Other Network (display of traffic information outside reception zone)
Media stop during traffic announcements

Memory card

MP3 playback supported by SD/MMC and CF card or Microdrive


Compression format: MP3
Functions: skip track, random play, repeat, scan search, index mix
Scan function (tracks are previewed for approx. 10 seconds)
Supports fixed and variable bit-rates (up to 320 kbit/s)

Bluetooth wireless technology

Connection of Bluetooth® capable mobile phones 2 (Object Push), hands-free communication, exchange of address- and telephone directories, voice control of telephone function

CD-Changer (optional)

Features: skip track, direct track selection, track filter, random play, repeat, scan search, CD mix
Scan function (tracks are previewed for approx. 10 seconds)
Display of track/total time remaining, number of tracks on CD, CD text

iPod® Link (optional)

Features: Track name, artist, album display; track up/down, search up/down functions; mode selection for album, artist, genre, playlist; random, repeat

Digital audio signal processing
Sound control: 5-band equalizer, balance, fade, crossover-function, dynamic compression
Becker Surround Sound System
Music output 4 x 30 watts; RMS output 4 x 18 watts
Pre-out 4 channels plus subwoofer (adjustable)

Equipment level;
Last-Address-Memory (the unit stores most recent settings)
64 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash memory
167 MHz processor, 32-Bit RISC architecture
OLED-Vario-Colour-Display (13 colour settings)

Anti-theft protection (code entry + removable control panel)
Snap-in chassis (simple installation in vehicle without mounting frame)
ETC (Easy-To-Control menu control system)
Voice control: Key functions can be accessed via spoken commands in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or US-English plus 50 programmable commands

Connections / Miscellaneous;
iPod® interface via Becker Remote-Kit
DIN-ISO connection
Becker Silverstone 7860 CD changer connection
Telephone mute, low-frequency telephone input
AUX input or CD-changer
20-step SDV (Speed Dependent Volume control)

Scope of Delivery;
Becker Mexico Retro 7942
Becker Remote Kit for iPod/iPhone
Code Card
GPS Antenna
2 GB CF Card Version 4.0
user manual in DE,NL,FR languages

located in Helsinki, Finland
worldwide delivery at cost price