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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II RHD
6.2 litre V8
four-speed automatic

Regal Red / interior Red
92600 miles
two owners in Finland from 1990
excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition
Finnish (EU) registration

price 36500 Eur


Extract from the Rolls-Royce / RREC archives:
territory S.Africa
owner: for the use of W/Cdr Holliday
chassis number SVB381, body no 3446
colour Shell Grey 701-2582, upholstery Beige ym3234
springs LH UR3022, RH UR2993
delivery date 3-4-60 to RR Lillietta
Radio 230R
RR electric windows
Refridgeration – under wing
ZA plate to rear
Shaded Sundym glass to windscreen
Plain Sundym glass to all other windows
UD4416 headlamps
High frequency horns
UD5293 Electric aerial
Car completely tropicalized to CWP36
Home type rear nr plate
Speedometer in MPH
Set of Lt.Tan suitcases
Colonial suspension
Dunlop tubeless tyres UG3526

Finnish historic vehicle registration.
Allegro Mk IV air conditioning system, non-original Philips radio cassette player, original jack and tools

Many of the above details suggest that the car was destined to South Africa. The present owner was contacted a few years ago by an interested buyer that had traced the car belonging earlier to a “South African General”. However, the car badge in front is of “Royal Army Ordnance Corps”, a section of the British Armed Forces. In one picture from the 1980’s there is a yellow rear license plate, 135 238B that judging by the typeface could be South African, or by the numbers and letters Zimbabwean.
The exterior and interior colour is believed to have changed during a major restoration in the 1980’s. The seats have a nice and even patina, and probably come from another car of the same age.

Restored in late 80’s by Messrs PJ Fischer Classic Automobiles of London (all invoices follow) and sold in 1990 to Mr M Linder of a prominent Finnish noble family. Having bought back his old family mansion Mustion Linna (Svartå Slott) just a few years before – perhaps the best known and most stately of all the Finnish private homes – Mr Linder felt there was something missing and sourced the best Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud he could find. His grandfather H Linder was famous for registering the first automobile in the country in very early 1900’s – as well as for his flamboyant life style and gambling habits…

The present owner – since 2005 – has driven the car regularly every summer, covering a minimum of 300 miles annually. He was until recently an active member of the RREC Finnish Section, taking part in three club rallies 2005, 2007 and 2009, with the Silver Cloud.

UK registered as 338 HLR until 4/90
6/71 motor car delivery note from Hooper&Co, London, name of owner written down but impossible to read
11/89, 81877 mls, MOT inspection, London
12/89,  various works – documented by Fischer London:
engine rebuild, fit electric fan, complete power steering/brake overhaul with new master cylinders, starter, battery, all belts,  carburetter and choke rebuild, indicator arm + various switches, new old stock clock, complete electrical check incl. windows, replace both choke pipes, new complete exhaust system, replace fuel pump, suspension check – new rear dampers, remove heater matrix & fit new, flush gearbox & adjust bands, remove propshaf, grease – plus too much to mention and decipher from all the hand written notes…
4/90, 81900 mls, service, PJ Fischer, Putney London SW15 6JR
4/90 change of owner, M Linder, Mustio/Svartå, Finland
4/90, Historic Vehicle inspection, (MOT every two years)
4/90 various works, new battery, Volvo Kaivoksela, Helsinki FI
5/90 rust prevention / waxoyl, Stop-Rust Oy, Helsinki FI
5/90 various works, Volvo Kaivoksela, Helsinki FI
5/91 service, with air conditioning, Autorep Oy, official RR rep FI
11/91, 82536 mls, service, with air conditioning, Autorep Oy, official RR rep in FI
5/92, 82902 mls, automatic gearbox repair, Autorep Oy, official RR rep in FI
8/92 service, with air conditioning, Autorep Oy, official RR rep FI
5/95, 83K mls, MOT inspection
6/99, 83K mls, MOT inspection
4/00, 83K mls, MOT inspection
4/03, 83K mls, MOT inspection
7/05 change of owner (present owner)
6/07, air conditioning service
6/07, MOT inspection
6/10, service, Huoltorep Oy, Helsinki
5/11 89K mls, MOT inspection
6/13, 91K mls, MOT inspection
6/13, 91113 mls, service, Huoltorep Oy, Helsinki
5/15, 91770 mls, MOT inspection
10/15, 92557 mls, service, new spark plugs, ignition leads etc., Autorep Oy, Helsinki

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