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Ferrari 308 GTB
Vetroresina – Fibreglass

3.0 litre quad cam, four-valve V8
four twin-choke Weber carburetters

55000 miles

Finnish (EU) Historic Vehicle registration

99000 Eur


Recently recommissioned after a long period of storage, runs and drives great, even better with every new mile on the clock.

Converted to “club/street racer” specification in 1987 by Abrams Motors, Lake Worth Florida.
The conversion included roll-over bar, wheels and tyres, seats, fire extinguisher system, suspension modifications, plexiglass windows, paint scheme and graphics, as well as excess weight reduction while maintaining reliability for street use – as per described by Abrams Motors.

some of recorded history;

07/1977 delivered to first owner by Grand Touring Cars Ferrari, Phoenix AZ USA *)
1987 owned by Count *) J DeLarousa, converted to club/street spec on customer request by Abrams Motors, Lake Worth FL USA
11/1989 52419 miles *)
08/1990 ownership change, Mr A Bahoric of Fayetteville NC USA *)
05/1991 taken to the Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet in Washington DC,  where the F40 was introduced to the US market and driven hard for two days on the Summit Point track.
Noted that Mr Bahoric’s 308 GTB kept up with the F40 *)
07/1992 Autoweek Magazine story about then owner Mr A Bahoric and his important collection featuring a 1957 Huffaker Special, and mentioning the 308 GTB;


IMG_4335 IMG_4336

10/1992 ownership change, Mr J McCulloch, Boca Raton FL USA *)
11/1992 facsimile message to Mr R Haskell, from European Auto Sales & Restoration informing about the known history – Costa Mesa CA USA, 52929 miles
06/1994 various repairs, replace brake fluid, battery and alternator belt, Ferrari of Atlanta GA USA, 52938 miles

A sales ad from 1994, describing the car

05/1997 replace clutch cable, Crown Auto Jaguar St Petersburg FL USA, 53181 miles
06/1999 ownership change, Mr C Gudmundson, Plymouth MN USA
07/2000 replace water pump and radiator cap, Donnybrooke Auto Service Spring Park MN USA, 54477 miles
01/2001 sold at Barrett-Jackson Auctions, Scottsdale Arizona, seller Mr C Gudmundson / buyer Mr S Nikkilä
05/2001 transported to Finland and storaged
06/2011 historic vehicle approval, 54934 miles
09/2011 date of first registration in Finland
07/2016 change of owner – present owner
10/2018 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 54968 miles

footnote *) – based on correspondence between owners, sellers and prospective buyers

Located in Finland, 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
Worldwide shipping.

Please note all viewings are by appointment only.