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Bentley Turbo R
turbocharged 6.75 litre V8
Ebony black
Silverstone grey leather
98000 kms

price 27500 Eur

Introduction of the Turbo R at the Geneva Salon in 1995 was the first real separation from sister brand Rolls-Royce – widely regarded as the first Bentley to mark the return of the sporting heritage that the marque originally stood for.

The turbocharged version of the 6.75 litre V8 had already been introduced in the Mulsanne Turbo, but for the Turbo R the suspension was substantially modified for real driving dynamics – for a 2450 kg motor car that is.

Famous talk show host and classic car collector Jay Leno has a real soft spot for the Turbo R, one of the first cars that he bought new. Have a look and listen to the entertaining Youtube clip;

Yearly improvements of the model;
1987 ABS brakes, higher rear axle  and sportier seats
1989 twin round headlamps and bigger front spoiler
1992 GM L80-E four-speed automatic transmission

Accompanied by 81 pages of factory documentation from the purchase order by the German dealer until the delivery, mostly consisting of build sheets and hand written quality control notes. Extra equipment specified for this example were walnut picnic tables and open rear seat handrest. Originally sold in Germany, imported to Finland from the Netherlands in 2017

Later fitted with Becker cd/radio with navigation

1.4.1992 date of first registration in Germany
8/2012 purchase inspection by Bentley Leusden Netherlands, 44851 kms
8/2012 replace 20 relays, 295 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
9/2012 service, set of wheels and tyres, 2336 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
11/2012 service. replace fuel pump, all brake hoses, various works, 4048 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
1/2013 service, 342 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
1/2013 air conditioning repairs and service, 1793 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
2/2013 install discreet reversing sensors, 909 Eur, Leo Stoffels Classic Cars S Heerenhoek NL
6/2014 big service, replace engine management relay, alternator, rear brake pads, hydraulic spheres, front shock absorbers. rear height regulator work, recondition steering rack etc. 51 hours of labour, 8380 Eur, Stoffels Classic Cars Heinkelstrand NL
2/2016 set of Avon 235/65R16 tyres, Deni Wheelstyling Zwanenburg NL
3/2017 imported and inspected, 95028 kms
7/2017 registered in Finland, ownership change
6/2018 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection, 97555 kms
10/2018 fit new radiator, Kariste Helsinki FI

Located in Finland (EU) 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
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