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Bentley Mk VI
chassis B59NY

4 1/2 (4.6) six cylinder engine
two-tone grey paintwork
blue leather interior
right hand drive UK specification

59000 Eur

The Mark VI Standard Steel Sports Saloon was the first post-war model from Bentley. It was produced from 1946 to 1952, first with 4 1/4 litre and later with 4 1/2 litre straight six engine. Only 1202 units were built with the later 4.6 engine.

This car was first sold in Britain and imported to Finland when the owner moved here in 1986. The second and present Finnish owner acquired the car in 1990, and consigned a full restoration at Fernhurst Motor Co in Surrey, England. The rebuild took over two years and the accompanying receipts are in excess of 40000 UK pounds. Full set of tools, workshop manual and driver’s manual.
Sparing but consistent use since, the car still looks and runs just as it did right after the rebuild.

01/1986 imported and registered in Finland
11/1990 change of owner (present owner)
11/1990 customs and shipping documents, exit Finland for restoration in UK
11/1990 letter from Mr Faulkner of Fernhurst Motor Co confirming leaving the car for full body off chassis restoration, bare metal respray and retrim, with monthly reports and photographic records. Estimate 35-40K GBP, attach advance payment invoice
11/1990 invoice for advance payment, 7000 GBP, Fernhurst Motor Co
02/1991 letter from Fernhurst Motor Co, enclosing a photo, chassis due for rebuild soon, woodwork sent to specialist, brightwork being repaired and rechromed, advance payment carried forward as credit for new invoice
02/1991 invoice to strip out complete bodyshell and remove seats, wood and leather trim, carpets, glass, chrome etc., disconnect all wiring, cables and pipework, remove body from chassis, strip off all ancillaries; springs, fuel tank, engine, lubrication system, back axle, gearbox and transmission, strip off all paint from body, 6000 GBP, Fernhurst Motor Co
07/1991 letter from Fernhurst Motor Co, monthly update and invoice. Chassis expected back in the next few days, engine fully stripped down
07/1991 letter from Fernhurst Motor Co, update of progress and confirm the owner’s wish to keep original paint and trim colours
09/1991 invoice for advance payment, 6000 GBP, Fernhurst Motor Co
12/1992 letter from Fernhurst Motor Co, Fernhurst, Surrey GB
confirming completion of restoration getting near
12/1992 letter from Fernhurst Motor Co confirming the balance payment at 9081 GBP
05/1993 facsimile from Fernhurst Motor Co confirming collection date, order for chrome horn covers and fog light glasses
05/1993 invoice to carry out engine, bodywork, gearbox and chassis repairs, 16980.26 GBP, Fernhurst Motor Co
05/1993 customs and shipping documents UK to Finland

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