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  • Mr. Asunta AR 350884


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Finnish (EU) registration

44900 Eur


First imported and sold in Finland. Completely documented history, six owners from new.
Has always been a running and driving rust-free car, passed the roadworthiness inspection in 2015 without problems, before renovation.

Certificate from Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, confirming the build and delivery data, as well as exterior colour.

03/1963 registered to first owner Dr B Stjernschantz, Sipoo FI, UAS-2
05/1967 change of owner Mr B G Widerholm, Helsinki FI, new plates BKO-69
07/1969 change of owner Ms I Björkstam, teacher, Helsinki FI
06/1974 change of owner Ms K Buchert, air hostess, Hiekkaharju FI, new plates UBO-889
06/1982 change of owner Ms/Mrs K Tiira, Kellokoski, Helsinki FI, new plates UUH-186
06/2010 change of owner Mr J Liukkonen, Vantaa FI, back to original UAS-2 registration plates
09/2015 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection
2016-2018 extensively renovated including respray and correct refurbish of interior -supplied by Elvezio Esposito.
04/2018 MOT/TÜV roadworthiness inspection and registration on Finnish Historic Vehicle plates, next inspection 4/2020

Trade-in suggestions are welcome.

Transport to most of Europe 600-1000 Eur.
Worldwide shipping, always for best available rates.

Located in Finland (EU) 30 mins from Helsinki airport.
Please note all viewings are by appointment only.